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Jan 25

PSU comparing College Students to Barbies for weight loss?

Kappa Delta pretty girls!

It looks like PSU health services recently came out talking about a correlation of girls as young as 6 years old getting unhappy with their body images. Skinny dolls can make girls as young as six unhappy with their own bodies — Penn State HHD (@pennstatehhd) September 13, 2016 Through my 3 years here, …

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Jan 16

Entourage Movie Blue Balls Update: Filming Begins in Ten Days, in LA

Sloane has something pertinent to add… At least she’s hawwwttt!

Jan 16

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Broadway Joe’s Botched Coin Toss

What did Joe Namath say to Russell Wilson right after he fumbled the #SB48 coin toss? Find out. WATCH: — NFL (@nfl) February 7, 2014

Aug 19

D-Jac Mystery Continues: Two More Clues

[Click to enlarge the pics and read the IG captions]   Translation: Someone of power, either in the Eagles front office (possibly Howie Roseman) or his agent Joel Segal, is two-faced! FYI: Joel Segal is DeSean’s new agent. He makes $0 off of Jackson, unless Jackson gets a new contract.     Translation: I love Chip and …

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Jun 29

Mayor Nutter Says Philly Will Do the Super Bowl Better Than Anyone Else

Hey, M. Nutter, do you want the Super Bowl in Philly bro? “Heck, yeah, we want it. And we can do it better than anyone else.” – Mayor Nutter   More via “It would provide a substantial economic benefit to the city and its growing hospitality sector,” Nutter said. “It would mean an international …

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Jun 23

Introducing Our Newest Blogger: Fire Andy Guy

Remember the kid who said if he gets 500 retweets he’ll get a “Fire Andy” tattoo on his ass? It was a national story, so you should. Well, yeah, he’s on team TSP now.   Follow him @FireAndyGuy. His first post should be coming soon, so stay tuned…

May 04

Andrew Bynum Got His Haircut During Halftime Of Friday’s Pacers v. Bulls Game

The dude gives zero fucks.

Mar 11

See What Happens When a Penn State Student Tries to Hit On New PSU O-Line Coach’s Daughter

Ps. I was gonna post pics of the coach’s daughter, Bailey, but that felt creepy and I didn’t want to deal with a 6’2″, 250, 46 year old dude. You can creep on her yourself here. Pps. Gotta give it to @CHRIStalBaller…staying true to his name. A for effort. 2014, all mediums are fair game.

Dec 20

F-Cancer – The Story Of Adreian Payne And 8-Year Old Lacey Holsworth Will Make You Smile And/Or Cry

Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, whatever. When it comes to cancer, we’re all on the same and no one does it better then the Big Ten. #ForTheKids

Feb 07

Doucher of the Day

Remember when we used to do Doucher of the Day’s? Man, it’s been a minute. Anyway, had to bring it back when I saw this doucher. Only explanation is this kid lost a bet and is paying up, if so, you gotta respect it. Any other reason for this douchy behavior should result in jail …

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