Why Men Should Always Wear Protection

Why Men Should Always Wear Protection

Are condoms an effective contraceptive and how do they help during sex? Is it acceptable to go bare if your partner is using pills or if you are only practicing anal sex? Today, we’ll look into why it’s “better to protect than to regret” and reveal some benefits of condoms that you may not have known. So keep reading to learn why men should always wear protection!

In College, You Always Need to Have a Condom in Your Wallet

During our college days, we are always advised by our frat bros and sorority sisters to carry a condom in our wallets. That is because you never know what’s going to happen and who you are going to run into. In college, some guys just have to be prepared around the clock. College is usually the time in people’s lives when they have the most sex. And that’s why condom use is highly advised. Surely, condoms prevent STDs, but if you’ve ever paid attention in sex education classes, you’ll know that they can truly do a whole lot more.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stuff your wallet full of Trojan Magnums and forget about them until you need them. Your wallet will withstand a lot of friction during daily use. This can damage the quality of the condom and make it unsafe. To minimize the risk of breakage, it’s better to always store new condoms in wallets. Also, only leave them inside for a couple of hours. If you have a backpack or a similar bag, pack a condom in a plastic container and leave it inside. That will also keep it safe.

Furthermore, don’t carry one around without intending to use it. While the pull-out method feels much better on the skin during penetration, it is definitely better to forget about it.

Avoid Ill-Timed Responsibilities

If you still decide to do the deed raw and unprotected, you should stop and think for a moment. This is because there’s no way of truly knowing whether your sperm has ended up inside your partner or not.

During unprotected sex, lots of precum can leak into the vaginal canal. You won’t even be able to notice it due to all the excitement. Pre-ejaculate fluid can sometimes contain healthy sperm, which is enough to fertilize a female. Even worse, doing it without a condom will make penetration feel tighter, and it will make men orgasm much quicker. It won’t help at all if you simply can’t control your orgasms.

Male condoms are among the most effective contraceptives. According to public health experts, they have a 98% effectiveness rate. What’s more, they are very hard to break. Thus, they can allow men and women to dodge ill-timed responsibilities. That’s why all guys are advised to use them, regardless of age. However, not using protection in your younger years is just too big of a risk.

Also, don’t think you don’t need a condom if your partner is regularly taking birth control pills. While many believe these contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancy, they are very risky. In fact, not all women will use them correctly (i.e., every single day). Some studies have shown that nearly 10% of pill users end up getting pregnant every year.

STDs Are Not Fun

And when it comes to both vaginal and anal sex, condoms prevent STDs and STIs. These illnesses are transferred by person-to-person contact during intercourse, and condoms can act as a highly effective barrier.

In the best-case scenario, not using protection can result in a mild rash or a urinary tract infection. But, if you get a severe infection or a disease, you may not even be able to notice the symptoms for months or even years.

Without a condom, you can spread the disease to others unknowingly. It’s also possible to contract other kinds of diseases from a partner. That’s why college students are a high-risk group for STIs and STDs. Many will sleep with different partners, and if unprotected sex is involved, they will be exposed to all sorts of infections.

Hence, it’s simply crucial to wear condoms for just about any kind of penetrative sex. That includes male-to-male anal, male-to-female vaginal, and male-to-female anal sex. In fact, STIs are so common in college that even lesbian partners can contract them by not using condoms with certain sex toys.

Still, even if guys use protection, other sexual activities like oral sex can expose them to infections. If you truly want to stay safe, the most-effective method is to get tested and to have your partner tested.

Enjoy Sex More

So what’s the verdict? Are condoms cool? Well, if you want to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, they most certainly are. However, there’s an additional benefit that you could get from wearing them.

Many guys believe that condoms can make them last longer and perform better. That was even proven by several sexual health studies. Sure, condoms can change the sensation a little bit, but with the right size and brand, they can prevent premature ejaculation. Condoms can allow you to control your orgasms, hold out until your partner reaches climax, and ultimately improve the experience for both partners.

If you’re someone who wants to experiment with tons of sexual experiences, you need to think about practicing safe sex every time. That is especially true for college kids who are looking to party, consume lots of liquor, and get laid. But, just like we’ve said, men of all ages should use them.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, condoms will allow you to enjoy your sexual experience without worrying about unintended consequences afterward. They can protect against HIV infections and STDs, and they can even improve your stamina in bed. As you can see, there’s truly no excuse.

So, stock up on some condoms today and enjoy sex safely! Have fun!