How to Get Laid in College, Pt. I: “Big Man on Campus” Game

Note from Chase: Hector’s one of our senior discussion board members, and has posted a slew of often outrageous and always entertaining lay reports in the Field Reports Board, where he’s cleaned up with naughty coeds. Hector wanted to give back a bit, and so he’s sat down to put together a series of articles to teach you everything he knows about sleeping with women by the fistful in the hallowed halls of university. Take it away, Hector…

Greetings fellow studs in development…

I’m Hector. And I’m here to shed some light on pulling tail in college. But, first, a bit of background information, so you feel “connected” to me and all that.

Before finding Girls Chase I considered myself quite the ladies man and had crafted some decent natural game. But only a few years before that I didn’t even know what a vagina felt like. And boy was I curious. Unfortunately, I was a wallflower.

I sat silently and watched everyone else live seemingly exciting lives. A few times I tried to enter these social groups or cold approach girls, but I always hit walls of rejection. Truthfully, I wasn’t socially calibrated enough to scale those walls. But I resolved to grind past the pain, learn how to navigate the social milieu, and get me some of dat pussy.

Just kidding. I furiously jerked off to porn and addictively played World of Warcraft, because that was so much easier than continuing down the road to mastery.

Despite this apathy, a gorgeous and extremely popular blonde, who had chased me many times, and whom I’d been in love with for years, decided it was time to finally make me hers the summer before my senior year of high school. And that she did. I was smitten.

Problem was, she had a boyfriend. Because of my white knight mentality, I never physically escalated with her, even after she confessed to having wet dreams about me. I didn’t even try to kiss her, even after she literally said she wanted to kiss me.
My stupidity continued, and soon I lost her and then desperately chased her as I submerged into the darkest depression of my life.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon a writer by the name of Tucker Max. His stories and commentary on women showed me why I wasn’t cuckolding this blonde princesses’ boyfriend and frosting her face with potential babies: because I was a pussy.

After this wake up call, I told my depression to suck it, cut the blondie off, and entered the fray of the sexual marketplace. I began pursuing women anywhere I could. No matter how often I shook hands with rejection, I continued trying every tactic I could concoct.

And eventually, I snagged one girlfriend after asking for a blowjob on the first date (moving quick was an early motto for me). But a few months later I got dumped.

Then, the summer before college, I picked up another girlfriend after I friend requested, messaged, then went on a date with a hot girl I’d seen around school. But eventually, I realized that this long distance relationship was inhibiting my progress, so I broke up with her the summer before my sophomore year (after I’d lost my virginity and mastered sex).

And that’s when the real learning began…


So, now that we’ve bonded, dear reader, I will present my thesis.

And that is: don’t be a pussy.

Oh, and college is an amazing training ground for an aspiring seducer.

For those about to matriculate, or for those already enrolled, I ask you: what kind of college playboy do you want to be?

Let’s talk style.

In this first entry to the College Game series, I illustrate the most effective game styles I’ve seen in my four years of undergraduate studies. I provide a brief overview of the fundamentals utilized by the particular style (e.g., fashion, voice, mindset, etc.), along with guides on how each style opens, plays the mid-game, and closes.

First, however, you must understand something: you will become this man. The master seducer adapts to his environment, yet, most likely, this style will become the mask you wear day and night.

Now, if you fear “changing who you are” to get laid or make friends, tough shit. You’re always wearing a mask, anyways. There is no inherent or essential “you”. You are the culmination of your actions, thoughts, feelings – just a jumble of physical and mental habits. And chances are, your mask probably doesn’t get girls very wet. But we’ll change that soon enough ☺

Let’s start with my personal style.


Examples of BMOC: Van Wilder (National Lampoon), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Tucker Max, Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love.), Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy), Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street).

A Big Man on Campus is witty, fearless in any situation, and drips with charisma. My particular brand of BMOC involves being quite the asshole, but I’ll try to present a broader BMOC template. In a nutshell: this is the guy who swags up to a group of girls in a circle at a party, teases them for not being social, throws each of them to a friend, and leaves his girl mesmerized by his daring and social calibration.

Benefits of BMOC Game:

  • Will often have crazy stories to tell at the end of the night, because you TRY to get in trouble.
  • Can utilize strong social proof and preselection to attract girls. Nearly everyone in the room greets you with high-fives and yells your name when you enter, and those who don’t know you have at least heard of you or want to know you (and if they don’t, who cares).

  • Have access to the greatest diversity of women, simply by mass exposure.
  • Will generally be a pretty happy guy. If you can bring the energy to everyone in the room, you can bring it to yourself.
  • Will pull off the fastest lays.
  • Will master a style that’s VERY effective on bigger campuses (or sprawling cities, for post-university purposes).

Challenges (not cons) of BMOC:

  • You’ll probably develop a “player” or “man-whore” reputation, especially on small campuses. Thus, because of your inevitable popularity, discretion is nearly impossible. And you lock up as many opportunities as you open (“You slept with my friend and now you’re trying to get with me?! Asshole!”). Fun stuff.
  • BMOC requires mastery of every imaginable scenario. Awkward situations are your specialty, which means you need to survive many on your journey to greatness. Normally you won’t find yourself in so much trouble with more relaxed styles, but with BMOC, you THRUST yourself into any situation you want (e.g. that girl is with her boyfriend? Go for her anyways!) If you want to master not just seduction, but every facet of socializing – if you want to go absolutely WILD – this is your path. Oh is it fun. And hard.
  • You might become addicted to women and approaching. This can then progress into a full-on obsession. That’s great for mastering pick-up, but it can also make you reek of pussy thirst, which is a bit different than being blatantly sexual; it tips over into being needy and very outcome dependent. I’ve had to lay off approaching for a bit to calm myself down at times. Even still, I get really antsy when I’m not approaching women. For those of you with crippling approach anxiety, try BMOC; maybe you need a bit of approach addiction instead 😉

So if you were like pre-college me and always sat on the sidelines, I know you secretly crave to become this man.

Do you wonder what it’s like to meet a new group of people and have them respond “Oh, yeah, I know who you are!” or “I’ve heard a lot about you!”? It kicks ass… in most cases.

Another way I paint BMOC game is thus: watch who people become when they get wasted. See how unfiltered, carefree, and happy they are? That’s BMOC, except that awesome switch is on all the time.

Fundamentals of BMOC

Walk/Body-Language: Just think “swag”. You’re taking confident action and going over the top with it. You might run into attainability problems, but you’re okay with that – you’re crazy awesome.

Voice: You can be a bit louder and higher pitched with this style, because your energy and presence will overwhelm everyone else.

Fashion: The best two fashion styles I’ve observed for BMOC are:

  • Relaxed: Decent T-shirt/polo, nice jeans, and some cool tennis shoes – this helps attainability a bit.
  • GQ-model: Button down, nice jeans or slacks, and slick leather shoes.

I personally utilize the GQ look, because I like purdy stuff.

Mindset: :“Every girl in this room wants to use my cum as an organic face-wash tonight. Time to interview applicants.”


Oh, the diversity…

Given the open nature of BMOC, here are some opens for the sub-styles of BMOC game.

Want to be silly?

At a big bumpin’ party, you can just point to a girl, yell “HEYO GIRL! YEAH, YOU WITH THE FACE!” topped off with a ‘come hither’ motion. Or maybe just scream, “WHY WON’T ANYBODY TALK TO ME?! Can you be my friend, pretty stranger?!”

Yes, this can work. Just do it.

For groups, just walk up and say “Hey guys!!!!!!!”

Want to be smooth?

Just try any of the direct opens advised on this site or create your own. Sexually direct works well (e.g. “I just had to come tell you how amazing your ass is.”).

For groups, multiple direct opens work, too (e.g. “You girls are pretty hot. You, come with me, I want to introduce you to Y. And you, I’ll introduce you to Z.”).

Want to be an asshole?

Walk straight up to a girl and say “You are one sexy ass bitch/ho. Come with me.” and grab her hand.

Once, I was playing flip cup at a party across from a very sexy and slender girl, who obviously thought she was hot shit. So all I did for the next few rounds was comment on how much she sucked at flip cup and that she should just quit the game and kill herself. Following this verbal onslaught, she asked half of the room if I had a girlfriend, and then asked me herself.

Too bad I actually wasn’t single or I would have abused her pussy as much as I did her ego.

Essentially, every opening is, well, open to you.

Remember that with every open, a BMOC is:

  • Carefree – Any style’s approach should be void of fear, but with BMOC game, you absolutely must have abundance mentality. Think about those “put your face here” cardboard thingies, except the hole is on your dick. She might be good enough for that spot.
  • Direct – Whether you actually open direct or not, your interest is OVERTLY obvious. You are unashamed of your sexuality and your desire to screw her brains out. Girls who aren’t interested quickly screen themselves out.


This is where having a strong Byronic personality helps a lot. No matter your open, you can always shift to a particular style for your mid-game.

Let’s say you enjoy going in smooth-direct (e.g. “I love your fashion sense.”), but also want to display some super sexual asshole qualities, you can interject with some random but striking sexual commentary (e.g. “That’s a cool story about your cat… So, you know, the more I think about it, I don’t consider it a real blowjob unless there’s a finger up my ass. Do you agree?”).

I actually suggest that you DO shift in personality during your deep diving phase. Why? Well, since you’re so overwhelming, it helps to diversify the experience for the girl, or she’s going to think you’re a complete caricature (i.e., you’re trying so hard to be crazy and wild that it’s obvious you’re putting on a front). Chase and my friends have pointed out that BMOC is overt and obvious: this is both the strength and weakness of BMOC.

You might come in like a boss and hook her with your charisma and confidence, yet despite your sexiness, something isn’t quite right.

Maybe you don’t have enough experience to remain consistent or you’re so into yourself that it isn’t even arrogance anymore, just blind narcissism. In some cases she might love your energy and hook up with you regardless of your lack of affection for her or whether or not you even know her name (seen this happen and done this). But, to cover your bases, you should show that you’re more than just a sexy social butterfly.

To illustrate, it’s story time:

Last semester I picked up a girl at my local college bar. Because of my reputation and me just generally being super obvious, both her and her friends screened me with “You’re a player, aren’t you?” and “You’re dangerous” comments.

What’s a man got to do to escape this judgmental crap?

Well, don’t cave in and protest that “you’re not like that”, because then you’re employing anti-slut defense. If you don’t want girls pulling that crap, you shouldn’t either.

But there’s still a real objection in here – they’re asking “Do you just want her to for sex?” If it’s just the girl screening you, you can choose between two paths. Either just be real and tell her you just want a fleshy sex doll for the night, or you can show that you also like her as a person (probably the safer route, but I’ve succeeded with the former strategy, and so can you).

But with her friends lurking, it’s not smart to tell them she’s just meat. And if you expect to get good with women (and have fulfilling relationships), you’ll need to see a seduction from two angles.

One side is that yes, you want to rip this girl in half with your penis. But more than that, you want to establish an emotional connection. Even if you don’t go beyond one bang session with this girl, trust me, having an emotional connection and a sexual connection is better than just the latter. You’re far more likely to get laid in college (or anywhere else) with both connections. (Exception: if you’re a beginner and easily get attached to women; you might benefit from seeing women as walking vaginas).

But I digress! Back to the story!

To defuse the girl’s objections, I showed her and her friend a guy who’s interested in philosophy and religion. I smoothly brought up my diligent studies in Buddhism when they asked about my major.

After explaining the Three Marks of Existence and a quick summary of Pratitya Samutpada (Buddhism’s view on causality), the best friend lowered her guard. She saw that I was more than just a sex object for her friend (but still sexy!); she saw a multi-layered man. Hell, she liked me so much she even helped me pull my girl home. How, you ask?

While crossing the street to another bar with a now larger group, we stopped for a minute to discuss our plans. Then, mid-conversation, my girl’s best friend looked at her and me and said “Have a goodnight, guys!” Following this, the rest of the group shook my hand and wished me a goodnight. It took me a second to realize that the group literally just sanctioned our genital collision.

So I took the hint and walked her back to my place.

It’s funny how proselytizing about a religion of overcoming lust and attachment helped me cum on some girl’s breasts then feed her the spunk with my fingers.

Irony, my friends, irony.

Explicit Sex Talk in the Mid-Game

Now, to even encounter these objections, a byproduct of girl’s attraction, you first have to be over-zealously sexy. This site provides plenty of information on being sexy – injecting explicit sexual talk into your conversations, coating traditionally platonic subjects with sexual undertones – but one of my favorite things to do is just tell a girl I want to get up in her guts.

The best moments to do this are:

As a reward for her saying or doing something you really like.

During a silent moment (after you look at her with devilish eyes and a sly grin).

Whenever the hell you want.

I’ve experimented with telling girls at every interval of a conversation that I want to put my penis inside of them.

You can say something like “This conversation is interesting and all, but I can’t help but imagining you bent over that desk/railing/couch, begging me to fuck your dripping wet pussy.”

Or maybe “So this is fun, but how come every time you talk, I just picture my dick in your mouth?” (A girl’s reaction to this is PRICELESS).

Tune the directness and asshole-ness of this bomb to however you think the interaction is going. If you truly believe she wants to have sex with you and would love it (which is, as Chase points out, the strongest frame control there is), try it out. Hell, even if she scoffs at your remark, it doesn’t mean she won’t warm up to it a bit later, once she feels hornier and more comfortable with you.

After you do this, gauge her reaction. Either you will briefly discuss sex (good), you’ll spin back to “normal” conversational threads (good cognitive dissonance), she’ll get weirded out and leave (whatever), or, with enough experience recognizing the signs, she’ll be ready for a roll in the hay.

In the instance where you discuss sex, try and make it a cooperatively imaginative discussion. For instance, you pose a scenario, “Hmm, how fun would it be for us to just fuck each other’s brains out in front of everyone? I don’t think they could handle how hot that would be.”

If you switch back to normal conversation, just maintain a sexual expression and tone a few seconds after. Your smile and demeanor should say “Yeah girl, I just said that. But it don’t faze me. We’ll turn this into real sex soon enough, so chill your tits.”

If she leaves, then let me introduce you to my man K-camp:

And if she gives you a “slap me while you bang me” expression, it’s time to close.

Average BMOC mid-game duration: anywhere from 30 seconds (my fastest meet to lay time) to two hours.


Remember how I mentioned earlier that BMOC is the fastest lay style? This is true not only because you open up energetic and quick (which rapidly screens out the uninterested), but also because your multi-layered and sexually fun rapport gets her all giddy for pound-town. BMOC is awesome because you don’t care where you bang her and how fast you do so. I’ve hooked up with girls in alleyways, in bathrooms, behind a house during a raging party, on dance floors, during concerts, etc.

How to seal the deal? You have two main options.

The Indirect Close

This site mostly teaches how to close indirectly:

“Let’s go watch a movie.”

“Let’s go chill at my place.”

These statements all function on preventing her anti-slut defense, giving her an excuse for when you screw her so hard she wakes up the neighbors (“Gina, we were just watching a movie and then he whipped his dick out! I couldn’t just NOT sit on it, now could I?!”).

I’ve used indirect closes, too (mostly after dinner dates, not party scenarios), but the fun thing about BMOC is you’re so damn sexual and obvious that she knows you won’t judge her for being direct – you accept your own sexuality and invite her to join in the fun. So I fully suggest you try my favorite close: the direct close.

Direct Close

You can precede the direct close after you explicitly bring up sex, or really, you can do it whenever the heck you like.

The following closers can work:

  • “Hey, let’s get out of here” (Ryan Gosling does this extremely well in Crazy, Stupid, Love.). Trust me, this is direct. Even the most silly girls will know what this means.
  • “I’d really love for us to go back to my place and give each other mind-blowing orgasms. How about it?”
  • “I want to fuck you.”

Just be obvious.

But remember, you have to be ABSOLUTELY ready for her to leave after this. You are showing your hand and going all in; if she doesn’t accept but sticks around, just try it again later. There’s always a chance if you persist.

Sometimes, I even use this as a screening tool with girls early on in the interaction if I’m only semi-interested; sure I’ll have sex with them if it’s not too hard, but I’d rather put more effort for a hotter and cooler chick.

Again, it all depends on how fierce you want to be.

This closing style is not for everyone, especially the meek. It requires a ridiculously powerful frame and godly confidence in her acceptance. I’ve been rejected more times than not with direct closes, but it’s so much fun and you encounter zero last minute resistance, because, well, she’s already agreed to have sex with you!

Or, if you want, you can just not say anything – grab that girl’s hand, take her behind the house, into the alleyway, on top of some passed out dude, etc. Anytime, anywhere – you’re the 7/11 of orgasms.

Another story for illustration!

Earlier this year I met a girl at a party my fraternity was throwing. I isolated her into a hallway and deep dove her about biology (her major) and atheism (No religious inhibitions to sex? Perfect).

Whilst we discussed subjects like biological determinism and the fact that atheist and creationists both fall for appeal to ignorance fallacies, I was caressing her (cue Biggie Smalls’ “One More Chance”). This caressing led to intermittent kissing and, soon, in my drunken arrogance, I just grabbed her hand and pulled her into a disgusting bathroom where many a dirty deed had been committed.

In the dark, we kissed passionately and then, while biting her neck, I whispered into her ear, “Get on your knees.” She laughed, and complied. I was then greeted by a surprisingly fantastic blowjob. She even went at it with two hands, along with palpable enthusiasm (more important than technique), and then she swallowed like a champ. I love sluts. I really do.

(Note: please be careful with this stuff. There is a very clear line between aggressive and rapey. Sometimes when you do stuff like bathroom escalations the line may seem blurry, but it’s not – if she says in a serious tone or sternly grabs your hand, she’s not joking – stop. I know you guys won’t step over the line, but, and it’s an unfortunate reality, she may falsely accuse you of sexual assault even if you do nothing wrong. I’m not trying to scare you, but college campuses are rampant with sexual assault allegations. The recent wave of activism from the White House and other legislators has exacerbated the phenomena. No doubt there are serious cases of rape and anyone accusing me of promoting “rape culture” has Down’s syndrome, but a girl can accuse you of rape or sexual assault even when you were well within safe bounds of consent. Just be careful and don’t ramp up the aggression until you’ve had some more experience with women and know how to read subtext)

Final thoughts on BMOC

Be prepared for a challenge. With this style you need a fantastic sense of humor, Hercules’ balls, and FAST reactions to every situation. But I say “go big or go home”, because when you’re on your deathbed, are you really going regret walking up to a girl you’ve never met and telling her that she has some mean dick sucking lips?

Be intensely and obviously interested in sex.

Have fun. You’re not running this style correctly if you’re not enjoying your own absurdity and the absurdity of life around you.

Get ready for rejection. LOTS OF IT. “Asymmetric returns” is your goddamn motto.


The success of BMOC, and the success of the styles I’ll highlight in the future, lies in the nature of college. And that nature is:

In college, women have an abundance they will probably never know again.

Yes, they’ll be hounded by orbiters in their professional life and will be constantly bombarded by men in bars for as long as they frequent them, but during their day-to-day activities, once they’re out in the “real world”, women will find themselves quite alone when they shop for groceries or walk their poodle.

This is what makes day game in big cities so awesome – no one else is doing it and, if you can execute it correctly, you are among the top men in the world.

But in college, women are SURROUNDED by abundance, day and night. More than this, women are encouraged to explore themselves. The pro-feminist and social justice climate of college only amplifies this.

I have nothing against women wanting to gobble down as many cocks as they possibly can (and neither should you), but it does create a competition you won’t likely find anywhere else. The mantra of moving fast is doubled in college.
I’ve lost girls who were sure deals by letting her go for just one day, thinking “We did everything but have sex, and she’s super hooked, I can wait one more day and let her go with her friends; I don’t want to be needy!” only to have them treat me like I’m some creep the next day or find them holding hands with some dude on campus or updating their Facebook relationship status. Move slow and you DIE.
Well, not you, but your penis might die.


You’re extremely sexual and women either take it or leave it; lightning fast screening.

Also, being an asshole is kind of inherent to the style and this is awesome because what is college also full of? Pussies. No, not the ones you want to send your penis on an expedition to; the kind of pussy I used to be.

These are the guys who stay in their dorms all day or take feminism classes (I’ve done the latter, but only to understand something I disagree with; oh and I hooked up with a girl from the class, too. Feminists REALLY like chauvinistic assholes, TRUST ME.).

These are the dudes moving turtle speed with women, because they’re either ultra white knights (the most annoying cockblocks in existence), or just afraid of being dominant men. And what do these pussies do to you?

They actually help you. Women are bothered constantly by these men who have no social skills at all, and if you set yourself apart, they will flock to you like a moth to a flame. But you have to be different first. Duh, right?

To stand out, I modeled my particular BMOC style after Tucker Max, because I thought “Okay, I used to be a pussy and cater to what women say they want, not what they actually want,” and reacted very strongly by transforming myself into a HUGE PRICK.

I’ve since toned it down and am working on hybridizing BMOC with the next article’s style, but, at the time, it worked so well… I wasn’t even sure how I was seeing so much success after those years of rejection.

I would walk up to women and say the rudest things to them. A lot of times, I’d get rejected, but more times than I expected I’d either get laughs and be welcomed into the group (which led me to other more lucrative interactions), or the girl would just buckle beneath my awesomeness and want me to treat her like crap, because she was so tired of being put on a pedestal.

These experiences seriously shattered my illusions of reality.

I’m not joking, guys. I’d walk up to women and ask “Who the fuck are you?” or just walk up, say nothing, make out with her, grab her ass and tits, and then just walk away. It was like shaking hands for me.

Personally, I wanted crazy experiences as recompense for my years as a “lil’ ass bitch” and chose a style that would give me enough stories for ten lifetimes. And three years into it, I’m off to a good start. If this sounds fun to you, come join me! If not, I’ll be presenting a few more styles soon that might better fit your personality.

I actually have so much more to say about BMOC, but it’s mostly details and conditional to situations, so if you have more questions, let me know in the comments below!

Now go cum on some chick’s face,