The Age-Old Question: Does Size Really Matter?

Men who have a smaller penis size are said to be prone to self-esteem issues, isolation from their peers, and they may be anxious when it comes to their performance in the bedroom.

But is all of that really true? Is our society responsible for creating the big-dick myth? How much does a small penis really affect your relationships and sex life? It’s time to analyze an age-old question of whether size really matters and unzip the truth!

The Issue of Size

If you are looking for a short and concrete answer to our question, the truth is that size does not matter all that much.

Actually, the allure of a large and thick penis that explodes with glistening gallons of milky semen is mainly the result of our culture. Things like porn and male locker room talk have led to big penises (and testicles) being considered a symbol of masculinity. They are often glorified as the ultimate tools for sexual pleasure.

Small vs. Big

Evidence suggests that dick size matters when it comes to stronger vaginal orgasms and higher sexual satisfaction. Additionally, males with huge Ds are more likely to have higher self-esteem. Nevertheless, a small penis doesn’t reduce function or desirability.

Theoretically, it will not impact a guy’s ability to satisfy or reproduce. Typically, the question of size often revolves around a partner’s perceived preference.

And if you need proof, remember that big cocks also have their issues. For example, an above-average size is more prone to infections, tears, and injuries. Plus, lots of men and women who are on the receiving end may not be all that comfortable. Magnum dongs can cause pain and discomfort in common sex positions and even lead to internal injury.

In some instances, smaller penises are easier to fit during penetration. What’s more, many partners could even prefer them for oral sex. They may not cause a gag reflex or lead to choking. And then there’s the question of anal penetration. It’s definitely more painful as penis size increases.

With a smaller dick, anything that you may perceive as a weakness could actually be a blessing in disguise. But why then does our culture portray large schlongs as more desirable and better? Why do men with smaller penises encounter shaming and low self-esteem?

Where It Begins

If you think about it, big dongs get thrown in our faces from a very early age. Our culture has turned gigantic dicks into “power” symbols. All of that can start as far back as high school.

You could hear all sorts of jokes in locker rooms and communal college bathrooms where boys shower in public. Many young men who compare their size with others could also face a lot of pressure from peers through jokes or bullying.

Some could withdraw from bathrooms with communal showers. They could miss out on an important part of male bonding in their youth. Also, they could face isolation in school.

Moreover, the media is full of movies and TV shows that make fun of small penises. On the other hand, they glorify a large dick. Above all, the biggest culprit may be pornography and its constant idealization of big dicks.

Gigantic Cocks in Porn

Several studies have found that average penises are usually around 3.6 inches long when flaccid. Also, the average length increases to 5.1 inches when erect. This is actually much smaller than you may imagine, but it’s still the average.

Research has shown that lots of men with average penises are not satisfied with their size. If you are worried about your member, it could be that you have never had a chance to compare it with other people in real life.

If you compare the average size to the massive cocks shown on thousands of widely accessible porn movies, it’s possible that nearly any guy would feel inadequate or weak. In fact, the penises of porn performers are about 50% bigger than the average cock size. Additionally, porn can make us believe that our partners (especially female partners) are constantly obsessed with oversized cocks. Tons of movies tell us that having one is almost a pre-requisite for having sex with attractive people. That can also have a negative impact on our views on male and female desires.

The Effects of This “Issue” on Size

In most cases, people with small penises may believe that they are living with a huge burden. Primarily, it can make men think that they are not big enough to satisfy their partners. They could have difficulty approaching others and getting intimate with them. It can also cause anxiety and lead to unsatisfactory sexual experiences.

All of that can impact a man’s life across the board and not just during sex. It can make men feel inferior in romantic and social relationships. Some could become withdrawn and introverted. There’s a chance that this could even impact their career and professional lives. Conversely, it’s possible that some could overcompensate for their size.

However, as we’ve said earlier, smaller penises come with some benefits. They can make sex safer and easier for your partner. Moreover, there’s a strong chance that your partner may not care about your size. As mentioned, if you have a beastly dong, you could also have problems with many sexual activities.

Getting Over the Dick-Size Problem

If you are struggling with the size of your member, the first thing to do would be to do a double-take. Like we’ve mentioned, you could have an average penis. You could still believe that it is small if you’re only comparing your size to those of top porn performers. So, before you get depressed, it’s better to grab a ruler and get insight into your actual size.

If your penis is smaller than average, consider some of the points that we’ve made. It’s highly likely that your partner won’t mind your penis size at all. They will probably not think of you as a lesser man for having smaller equipment.

When it comes to sex, you can still pleasure your partner, even if your penis is too small for them. For example, it’s possible to use larger sex toys on your partner. Try cock sleeves that can increase your size, for example.


In conclusion, you should remember that your penis doesn’t define you. Most partners will not judge you for it.

We’ve outlined several ways in which you can still be intimate and have great sex with a smaller penis. And if you need some encouragement, remember that the Ancient Greeks saw small penises as the ultimate symbol of an alpha male. With time, there’s a chance that our society’s perception of penises will change again.