The Best Time of Your Sex Life Could Be in College

Why Is College Life Exciting?

In college, most people seem to discover actual freedom for the first time in their lives, having left their parents and hometowns. It’s pretty accurate, even if it sounds somewhat exaggerated. Being reckless and partying most of the time, kids embrace this newly found lifestyle, looking to make most of their young adult life.

But it’s not just about beer kegs, drugs, and loud music — it’s actually about connecting with other freedom-loving people as well. A college campus is a perfect place to meet like-minded and open young people more than you’d think. What’s more, both men and women are looking for fun and casual sex.

It’s no wonder most teen sex comedies take part on college campuses, seeing how one-night stands and hookup culture thrive there. Even if high school has its shiny moments, sex lives on campus alongside the students. Moreover, it’s a pillar of dorm rooms and house parties.

It’s the Best Time to Meet New People

And just like one would imagine, campuses are breeding grounds for wild parties full of casual sex. With all of the fraternities and sororities throwing parties around their headquarters, you’ll surely run into at least one person you can connect with. The chances of not scoring are practically minimal. That is, we dare say, almost nonexistent!

The most important thing here is that most people attending these parties are down for some fun. Yeah, they all want casual sex, free of taboos and societal obstacles you face in real life. It’s not like everyone waits for college to become sexually active, but most people who end up there are all about enjoying it.

Of course, it’s important to remind people not to go overboard in certain things. You don’t want to be that creepily drunk guy, looking around for prey. Even if we say people look for freedom in college, that does not include harassment. So act cool, drink responsibly, and you’ll have a great time.

A Lot of Sneaky Sex

Most of the time, students share dorm rooms. But this room-sharing tradition leads to some pretty far-out naughty outcomes. Yeah, well, sex on campus grounds can be sneaky as fudge. That’s just how these things work.

So, imagine sharing a room with someone. You get along well with your roomie; they’re smart, funny, and interesting — a jack of all trades. Well, this means that they’re certainly going to get some action while rooming with you. There’s no reason to act shocked once you open the door and see them wrapped around another student.

The same goes for everyone. It would be pretty gullible thinking you won’t get caught while in a sexual encounter by your room-mate. Some might even find it hard to sleep in such an atmosphere, so they just might end up being a voyeur of some sort.

It’s not that bad. You might find it thrilling (wink-wink).

Sex Is the Best Stress Reliever

As is pretty much well-known, sex isn’t just about desire and need to orgasm — it’s a stress reliever. This proven medical fact is based on science, telling us that sexual experiences produce certain hormones that help with how we cope with stress and anxiety.

Oxytocin, among others, is the so-called “love hormone.” It’s released just before a person reaches a climax, relieving all sorts of pain and stress. So, being naughty and sexually active is a thoroughly recommended way of relieving yourself from unwanted fatigue we all come across.

Therefore, seeing that studying and attending various classes can become rather difficult for ordinary people do deal with, sex is a given way of managing tension. The sheer pressure of successfully finishing a semester is what makes all the students go wild once they’re done with their SAT’s.

Being swamped with school work is rather tiresome, so an average college student will opt to hook up. It’s no secret — it’s just how college life works. Being proactive with your studies implies you’ll want to find a way to relax.

You Might Meet Your College Sweetheart

Sex and college students aren’t always just about debauchery and recklessness — it can sometimes lead to two people falling in love. Yeah, we know, it sounds corny as fudge. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Ask all those guys in stable relationships what they think of finding true love while on campus. Moreover, ask yourself if you would rather go around humping everything you see or if you’d like to find someone who understands you deeply. Well, yeah — it’s a compromise.

Sexual relationships are great and all, but finding that one person you can cling on to when times become hard to handle is precious. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise — it’s simply not true. Everyone wants to feel love and compassion, no matter how hard they think they look.

Reminder to Ask for Consent and Practice Safe Sex

All that we’ve talked about would fall flat if we don’t mention a serious topic related to sex, recklessness, and college — consent. Both safety and consent are pillars of great sex, and as such, it’s forbidden to forget about them. Sexual assault isn’t a joke. Therefore, permission and willingness are paramount.

It’s all fun and games until someone ends up physically and emotionally scarred for life. So don’t be a creepy prick, lying and scheming others into bed. No means no, and don’t ever forget that. Consequences can be dire for everyone involved. Use protection, ask for consent, and be cool. There’s no need to ruin it all.

Be proactive about safety, even when it doesn’t directly concern you. It’s high time we take care of everyone because evading similar topics will lead us nowhere. And in this day and age, there’s no excuse for not being safe while having sex. Be bold — stay safe!