8 Colleges Where You’ll Actually Get Laid

While we can’t guarantee anything, these colleges will definitely improve your chances of having sex at some point.

Wherever you go to school, people will inevitably be having sex. The only questions are, how much will they be having and how open will they be to talking about it? At these eight schools, the answer is “a lot” and “very.” Read on to find out where you can get it on.

1. Oberlin College
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At Ohio’s Oberlin, sex isn’t treated as a taboo – many students live in co-ed dorm rooms; and the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies major is a popular one. Rumor has it that the school’s Safer Sex Night, hosted by the Sexual Information Center, notoriously turns into one big, naked dance party. Now that’s taking streaking on campus to a whole new level.

2. Harvard University
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If you tend to think of Cambridge, MA as a conservative place, think again – the city ranked on QualityHealth’s 10 Most Sexually Active Cities list, hugely in thanks to Harvard. The school has co-ed dorm rooms and a student-run porn magazine that circulates around campus. A few years ago, casual sex became so common that an abstinence group called True Love Revolution attempted to advocate for less mindless sex on campus. From what we hear, their movement didn’t exactly stick.

3. Arizona State University
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Pheonix’s ASU is not only known for its sexually active students, but also for its promiscuous alumni – porn star Courtney Simpson was once a cheerleader there. Though the men-to-women ratio is basically even, the notoriously beautiful female population means that the dudes on campus have very little to complain about.

4. University of California at Santa Barbara
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UCSB is often jokingly referred to as the “University of Casual Sex and Beer,” and this quip has some real truth to it. If you need proof, check out the UCSB Hook-Ups Facebook page where hundreds of students’ risqué stories are anonymously shared.

5. University of Texas at Austin
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UT is notorious for being a huge party school, and Austin was named the most sexually active city in the U.S. by Men’s Health. The school also has a sexual psychophysiology laboratory that’s devoted to making new discoveries about human sexuality and psychology, and students are able to volunteer. Maybe this means they’re also able to have open, honest discussions about their drunken sexcapades in the light of day. Maybe.

6. Northwestern University
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Northwestern is hardly shy about sex. There’s a sex week held every year that involves burlesque shows, speed-dating events, and sex-related panels, and a couple years ago one professor even presented his students with a live, in-house demonstration of a woman having an orgasm. Talk about laying it all out on the table.

7. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
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These students have a lot of sex, and we give them major props for not being stupid about it – the university ranked sixth on Trojan’s Top 10 Sexually Healthy Schools list. University of Michigan even offers a sexual health certificate program, proving their dedication to practicing safe sex. With a population of over 40,000 students, there are plenty of opportunities to be safe (if you know what we mean.)

8. Vassar College
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This school in Poughkeepsie, NY used to be all-girls, and its population shows it: with two guys for every three ladies, the dudes at Vassar are playing with pretty good odds. Talking about sex certainly doesn’t seem to make anyone squirm, either – in fact, there’s a publication on campus called “Squirm” that explores sex and sexuality (and yes, nude photos are often involved.) Oh, and the co-ed bathrooms probably aren’t doing much to keep kids from getting dirty, either.

Now that you’re armed with this info, what are you waiting for? Go tell Mom and Dad that you’re adding eight wholesome, respectable schools to your college wish list and you hope to get lucky with your college admissions.