10. University of Western Ontario

Canada’s wildest party school. The University of Western Ontario may be a cold place to live, but it’s attractive student body and reputation for debauchery makes it one of the best choices for young men in the Great White North.

9. Pennsylvania State University

One of America’s largest colleges by enrolment and a constant presence on annual Best Party School lists, Penn State offers young men and endless sea of girls and a great party atmosphere to mack in, but suffers from relatively mundane North East weather.

8. California State University, Chico

Chico State has been affectionately labelled “DTF City” by members of the Roosh V Forum, featuring “some of the nicest and down to earth girls California has to offer”. Need I say more?

7. Florida State University


While you can’t really go wrong with any of Florida’s larger colleges, Florida State takes the cake. It’s got a huge student body, has a reputation for hard-partying and unlike some of other Sunshine State competitors, it isn’t too bookish so the co-eds are even more inclined to get their freak on.

6. University of Texas at Austin

Austin is famed for being an amazing city for young men, and the girls of it’s most landmark University of Texas are known for letting loose. U of T is a constant fixture on the annual party school lists, and Austin is packed to the brim with a diverse array of cute girls from both U of T, Austin itself, and tourist party goers from all around Texas, not to mention the infinite amount of bars particularly on its infamous 6th Street. Unfortunately, however, the outside of campus bar scene of Austin has at times been labelled a sausage fest.

5. McGill University

Located in the heart of Montreal, men who study at McGill University will not only enjoy it’s academic prestige but the beauty and grace of Montreal’s fine women. Bring some warm clothes and brush up on your French because I have it on good authority from a number of my own friends that once you go have a taste of the women of Quebec, you’ll never want to go back to Anglo girls ever again.

4. New York University

NYU is not only an excellent university, but it happens to be located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood giving it’s male students perfect logistics with which to chase poon in one of the best cities for game in the Western world. While it lacks the crazy frat parties of other colleges on this list, that is more than made up for by the sheer volume of cute young women every time you step onto the street or pass through Washington Square Park, not to mention NYC’s famed nightlife and NYU’s favorable straight guy to female ratio. NYU is conveniently situated next door to the East Village, which happens to have the greatest concentration of bars in the entire world.

3. University of Georgia

UGA is the flagship party school of the hard partying Southern colleges, beating out other venerable competitors such Louisiana State and Ole Miss. A player friend who lives in the South declared that he would surely “have STD’s if went to UGA” which sums the school up quite well. If a guy has game there they are going to kill it .

2. Arizona State University


A Roosh V Forum member said about ASU that whenever they visited his college for football and basketball games “it was ridiculous as if Playboy was holding events on campus.” ASU is well known across America for it’s hot and slutty co-eds. ASU is the single largest college in the United States by enrollment with over 60,000 students and due to it’s sheer size, ASU girls don’t have to worry about all their friends finding out about them hooking up with you. Constant sunshine plus hot, slutty women and plenty of anonymity, what more could you ask for?

1. University of California, Santa Barbara AKA the University of Casual Sex and Beer

The designated party school of the University of California system, UC Santa Barbara benefits not only from an attractive and hard partying student body (the featured image at the very top of this article being a good example), but also it’s beautiful on-campus beaches and year-round perfect weather. Isla Vista, California, which is home to the bulk of UCSB students is famous for it’s debauchery, beach culture and outdoor festivals. Whereas Berkeley and UCLA attract hard working academically oriented students, Santa Barbara is the favoured destination for party girls from across California. While The University of Southern California is a bastion for cliquey sorority girls, the culture of UCSB is simply much more conductive to gaming. This combined with it’s beautiful weather, beaches and laidback yet hard-partying culture make UC Santa Barbara paradise on Earth for young men. There is no other college that can beat the experience it offers for young college men with game.

Honorary Mention: Brigham Young University


For those poor souls that are looking for a nice, traditional (and also Mormon) girl who aren’t afraid to put a ring on it, BYU is hands down for them to “game.” If that’s not what you’re looking for, steer clear of of Brigham Young University like the plague.