A Guide to Throwing the Best College Party

If you want to become the coolest guy or girl in college and get laid all the time, consider throwing a house party! But how can you organize a wild college party with a catchy theme? Should you provide the beer, and how can you stay safe from annoying neighbors? Take a look at this guide to throwing the best college party to find out!

Being in College Is the Perfect Time to Throw Parties

College offers invaluable social experience. It provides students with the opportunity to become fully independent. You can experience freedom and try all sorts of new things at college! That includes insane parties and lots of wild sex!

Moreover, college is ideal for making new connections. It can actually make you some lifelong friends. You can attend or throw parties to get together with some cool and like-minded people.

Parties are also essential because you will learn new social skills. In a nutshell, college is the ideal time for throwing parties because you will make some incredible connections and gain priceless social experience!

The Perfect Theme

If you’ve just arrived at a top party school and are thinking of the best way to throw an awesome bash, you could start with a theme first. Themed parties are the best! If there’s a theme, it will definitely reduce some awkwardness that can happen during regular parties.

However, a mundane pirate or ninja theme could seem too childish. So try to think of a unique idea that will make people want to laugh or go wild. You could try themes like no-pants, Vegas, lingerie, backlight, zombie apocalypse, 70s porn stars, etc. If you’re not feeling creative, you can look up some fantastic ideas online.


While planning your party, don’t ignore the music! It’s an essential element of every festivity. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to find catchy playlists online today. You can find some epic party playlists on platforms like Spotify. Additionally, if you’re a big music fan, you can make your own dance floor mix. You can even ask a friend to help out with it. If possible, it will allow you to focus on the theme or other aspects of the party.

The only thing to watch out for here is not to pick the wrong type of music. So get informed and find out what type and genre of music your college friends are into. Of course, if you’re throwing a big bash with tons of strangers, just go for the safest choices. It may be wise to find party mixes from famous DJs so that everyone digs the tunes!

Supply the Alcohol

For your first party, it’s better to avoid BYOB. If you want to build a network and impress lots of people, try to supply the alcohol yourself.

People will appreciate that, and you will undoubtedly become more popular. If it’s a party with a smaller guest list, you could ask your friends about their drink choices. However, if you’re expecting loads of people, stick with beer. It will be easier and cheaper to buy several kegs than to get separate types of alcohol.

Additionally, if you’re worried about money, team up with a group of friends. Throw the party together! You can buy the beer and ask the guests to bring other drinks if they prefer them.


You should also consider the props and decorations that you’ll need. They must match the theme, so you will have to put in some effort.

If you’re short on time, there are plenty of reliable party supplies online. Plus, if you are strapped for cash, it’s always possible to try DIY. So consider your theme and think creatively.

You can use anything that suits the college party theme. Additionally, your props or decorations can be funny or even quite naughty. They can be excellent conversation pieces, or you can use shock value to impress others.

Drinking Games

Not including a drinking game could be kind of lame. People could get bored quickly. If you don’t know where to begin, get help from the internet. You can always look up various games on YouTube. That way, you’ll get an idea of the rules. It will also be easy to find some really creative examples. Beer pong, for instance, is a classic, and almost everyone will enjoy it.

Remember that not everyone is into drinking games. It’s best to set up a table somewhere that will not take up your entire space. That way, others will be able to mingle and move around.


College parties usually don’t require any special food. Basic snacks like chips, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and similar will do. Your guests will not usually expect a full meal, so you shouldn’t worry about supplying it. Plus, they will appreciate the option of snacks. In other cases, you could order pizza for everyone.

Ultimately, if your event involves tons of dancing and hot hookups with college party girls, you and your guests will be too occupied with other things to even think about food!

Be Prepared

College parties can be quite intense. You should always be on alert if you’re the host. That means you have to watch out for inappropriate situations with drunk people. A fight or similar could ruin your event. It may even wreck some of your household items. Before the party, store or hide your computer. The same applies to jewelry, cash, and any other valuables.

When you get that sorted, you can deal with more crucial matters. You should be prepared for lots and lots of sex! But you have to know that other people will probably end up having sex during the party too.

Invite Your Neighbors

As always, you should be considerate of your neighbors. If the music is too loud or if too many people are shouting or misbehaving, they could call the police. That would surely mark the end of your party.

Luckily, you could persuade them to take it easy on you. Simply tell them about the event. Ask them to come to you first in case of any disturbances. You could also invite them over. They might appreciate the gesture, even if they don’t attend.

Final Thoughts

College will undoubtedly mark the wildest time of your life. You will be surrounded by horny hotties who will be looking to explore their freedom and have fun! That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to throw a wild party. If you follow our party ideas, you’ll be the coolest person on the campus!