Rules of Dating in College

Yes, there are some rules of dating in college. It’s not really like an etiquette to abide by — more a set of guidelines for you to follow.

Why? Simply because it’s so easy to get lost. College is overwhelming, and everything hits you at once. Suddenly you’re meeting a bunch of new people daily and having a lot of responsibilities. On top of that, people want to date? Here’s how you do it.

How Easy Is It to Date in College?

What is the first thing you think of when you think of college? Dating, of course! Your social life will bloom. You’ll meet plenty of new friends, and some potential partners will be among them too.

People don’t usually think about what college life is like in general. All of its other aspects can excite and overwhelm you too much. So when you get to your freshman year, you won’t know which way to turn first.

Speaking of dating, how easy is it? Think of your regular relationships — except you’re trying to balance it out with a million other things. Just like any other school, college comes with responsibilities. Chores shouldn’t be forgotten because you’ve met someone new!

Here’s a list of things you have to consider if you want to date in college. It’s not as much of a breeze as you might think.

Time Management

Now that you have your newfound freedom, what will you do with all this time on hand? You have to balance everything out.

When it comes to any type of relationship, investing time is non-negotiable. Unfortunately (for your dating life), the same applies to your college responsibilities. So how do you bypass this issue? You have to figure out what your priorities are.

Do you want to have good grades, or you want to focus on your partner? Both things require time, but with a little management, everything can work out. The choice is yours, of course.

Consider the Budget

Being a college student means you’re doing everything on a budget. Paying your tuition is enough of a burden already. So, expect to be working and studying at the same time.

Relationships require some investment as well. There’s no need for anything extravagant, though. Your partner should be able to understand when you’re struggling financially. However, you should be able to go on a few dates from time to time.

Dates can also be free, you know, depending on what you decide to do. Still, you should be prepared to spend a few dollars here and there if you can.

Some People Only Want to Have Fun

In the case of college dating, girls aren’t the only ones who just wanna have fun. Most of the people you’ll come across are just in it for casual sex — nothing else.

The hookup culture is strong in college. It comes with the newfound freedom and the number of people you cross paths with daily. Honestly, finding someone who wants to be in a serious relationship means you’re lucky.

College relationships don’t usually last either. So be prepared to have quite a few of them before you find the right one. It’s very different from finding a high school sweetheart.

Avoid Dating Someone From the Same Building

Here we have the absolute no-go of all the dating rules. Never date someone from the same building (or floor) you live in. It seems obvious why but we will break it down for you.

Not to be a bunch of downers, but imagine how awkward it’s going to be if you break up. You have to keep seeing this person all the time. It’s awkward stares galore. We won’t even mention the gossip when you bring the person to your room for the night.

Simply put, there’s not much privacy for a relationship like that. Try to avoid it.

Keep in Touch With Your Friends

This is where we remind you not to lose sight of what really matters. Balancing responsibilities and a relationship can consume you. Still, you should find some time to keep in touch with your friends.

Your friends should always matter the most. They’ll always be there for you, like that one time your partner did that one stupid thing. Who did you turn to? Your friends. Don’t let life being fast-paced sidetrack you from talking to your friends.

Don’t be that person that’s too busy with their relationship to be an actual friend to other people. It’s not cool.

Don’t Put Dating Over Studies

We should just repeat the advice about friendship — having your priorities straight from the beginning will significantly help you.

Sometimes you’ll have to make tough decisions, like whether you’ll spend time with your partner or study for that difficult test. We know this doesn’t seem like a grand problem — it never does until it presents itself.

Choosing your studies will always be the smart choice. After all, that’s why you’re in college — to study, not to date until your heart’s content. It’s important to remind yourself of that sometime. Dating is only a plus.

Safe Sex and Consent

College life introduces you to the art of online dating. Maybe you’ve known about it before, but let’s just stick to this to make a point.

Tinder hookups are popular in college. Any kind of hookups, really. Now, nobody is saying that hooking up is wrong — it can be great and fun too. Something that should always be present is consent, though. Nobody should do anything without asking — that way, you are ensuring everyone is safe.

Also, use a bunch of condoms. No matter what kind of play you’re attempting, never forget about condoms and practicing safe sex. Nobody wants STDs.


All of these rules are pretty easy to follow, we think. We know it might be hard to balance some of them out, but to be frank, you don’t have to date in college.

Yup. It’s possible to just focus on what you’re there for — your studies. If you find someone along the way, that’s great; but make sure you don’t forget about your priorities and responsibilities. Realize what matters and put it first.