All About Avoiding Unplanned Pregnancies in College

How many times have you heard someone say: “I got my girlfriend pregnant in college!”? Everyone knows that college is practically a code word for partying, binge drinking, hanging out in frats and sororities, having copious amounts of sex with strangers. Almost anything is allowed! You know how the saying goes: “What happens in college stays in college!” But that is not always the case.

Even though one’s college years can be the best period in life, it is very easy to take a wrong turn. Unwanted pregnancies have been incredibly common over the years. They are a serious issue that you will certainly encounter if you are not careful. So, keep reading to learn all about avoiding unplanned pregnancies in college while still leading a healthy and fun sex life!

The Number of Unplanned Pregnancies

Every year, students’ lives can get twisted upside down. That is a result of wild parties, alcohol, and lots of unprotected sex. In fact, statistics show that over 2 million female college students get pregnant every year.

Aside from high school teens, college women aged 18 to 24 are at the highest risk of getting pregnant accidentally. In community colleges, 10% of dropouts abandon their studies due to an unintended pregnancy.

Interestingly, around 25% of undergrads (male and female) are parents. In total, the number of college parents with dependent children is nearing 5 million.

What’s more, many studies have analyzed this subject. In most cases, their conclusions state that residential and community college students are a high-risk population that needs resources and support concerning pregnancies. They have advised campuses to make a better effort towards educating, supporting, and informing their students. However, that may not be enough. Students will always need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Take Charge of Your Sex Life

Having a baby in college can have many repercussions. If it happens by accident and you simply aren’t ready, it can change the course of your life. It can interfere with a college education and lead to a dropout because of pregnancy. That will further result in an uncertain future and even poverty.

However, unwanted pregnancies don’t only impact the parent. They can have a grave effect on the child. Some common consequences are high infant mortality rate, developmental deficits, and child abuse or neglect.

As mentioned, the only way to truly prevent pregnancies is to take charge of your sex life. If you are a college student who has multiple partners, you may be at the highest risk. The only solution is to take matters into your own hands and always use protection. Safe sex involves the use of contraceptives, like condoms and the pill.

But, even students in monogamous relationships are not in the clear. They too can risk a sudden pregnancy. Fortunately, there are a few options to consider if you want to have fun in college responsibly.

Know Your Options to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies

As stated, contraceptives are highly effective if you use them responsibly.

If you’re a male student, you will always need to wear protection, even if your partner is using contraceptives. While pills and other methods of female contraception are effective, it’s impossible to know if your partner is using them correctly or at all. It’s also unclear whether or not they will work every time. With condoms, you can lower the risk of pregnancy by 98%. Moreover, you and your partner can also stay safe from STIs and diseases.

Generally, you should always talk about contraception with your partner. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they will appreciate it if you take responsibility and use contraceptives. You could also discuss testing and ask if your partner is safe from STIs.

Still, even with contraceptives, students will be in danger if they have sex while intoxicated. Drinking at parties and hooking up with strangers is surely hot, but it can cloud one’s judgment. If you still want a wild one-night stand at a party, it’s advisable not to go past the first or second base. It’s better to save sex for later when both of you are sober.

What’s more, students can choose lower-risk sexual activities to avoid pregnancy. There are many pleasurable ways that will allow you to get intimate with someone. That includes oral sex, anal sex, and other activities that do not involve vaginal penetration. You could explore dry humping, mutual masturbation, and kissing. You can also stimulate your partner’s penis or vagina with your hands or even use sex toys for external or internal stimulation.

What You Decide Now Will Affect Your and Your Partner’s Future

College is a wonderful time to grow, make connections, and work towards your career. If you’re in love with your partner and want to have a baby, nothing will stop you. You will probably work out a way to stay in college and raise your child with care. But, if you don’t want a kid, it’s best to always practice safe sex.

Like we’ve said, an unintended pregnancy can change the lives of both partners. It also can place a serious burden on the child, especially if the parents break up.

When it comes to responsibilities, both partners should be aware of contraception. That’s why you should never believe that only your partner should be in charge of contraceptives. You will need to educate yourself about birth control pills, condoms, and other methods of contraception. As mentioned, you could also choose low-risk sexual activities.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve seen today, it’s not difficult to take charge of your sex life. Stopping an unwanted pregnancy by using protection will solve many problems. It will allow you and your partner to spend your college days focusing on education and your future. But, as we’ve said, that doesn’t mean you should stop having sex. You can still have tons of fun responsibly! Good luck!