Tips to Survive Your First College Party

Do the words “first college party” frighten you to death? Are you nervous and unfamiliar with what you should do at your first outing? Should you push your limits and get blackout drunk to score some brownie points with your frat bros?

Parties are an integral aspect of college life, and they offer a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss. But, while you will get to meet lots of cool people and even hook up with the hottest girls or guys, there are some things you’ll need to know before you start partying. Take a look at our essential tips to survive your first college party!

Eat Your Dinner

College kids can often make the mistake of not preparing for a wild party. Your first party experience could be ruined if you’re feeling hungry, tired, or sleepy.

Even if you believe that food could make you look or feel bloated or stuffed, it’s not wise to avoid dinner before partying. Food helps with alcohol absorption, and it will protect you. That will lower the chances of a rough hangover. It’s best to choose high-carb foods like burgers or pizza and to eat your meal three hours before the event.

Also, always get enough sleep. You can even take a short nap before the party if you’re exhausted from studying. That will allow you to feel refreshed, and you’ll be up all night for any activity!


While pregaming sounds like it will get you balls-out drunk, it can actually be quite useful. It’s a fantastic tip for partying because it allows you to warm up and get together with your best friends. You’ll be able to choose your drinks wisely.

What’s more, you can chat with familiar friends rather than lots of unknown college students at the actual party. If you do that, it could also make you feel safer. At parties, random people could offer you drinks. You may not even know what type of alcohol is in them. It sounds scary, but you should always stay safe and avoid all drinks that look suspicious. Someone could try to drug you by putting something in your cup without your knowledge. That’s why pregaming is a safe and fun choice.

Dress Accordingly

College parties are also fun because you get to dress up and look sharp. However, try to find a balance between comfy and stylish. There’s always a chance that your outfit could get ruined after a couple of shots. Additionally, wearing something too formal or impractical could make you stick out. You could feel uncomfortable if your tight dress is too short, for example. It’s also not a bad idea to avoid heels or anything that could limit your movement. So focus on functionality and comfort!

Don’t Go Alone

If you’re alone, walking into your first party will be incredibly difficult. You’ll be surrounded by dozens of strangers and will never know how to approach someone. Moreover, a group of friends will make you feel much safer. If you’re all in it together, you’ll be able to keep an eye on each other. That means your buddies could save you from drinking too much.

They’ll also be there for you if anything goes awry. For instance, your pals could protect you from getting into a fight. They could also grab you at any moment and take you away from annoying people or someone who’s trying to force themselves on you. Of course, you’ll need to return the favor.

Know the types of annoying people you should avoid.

Never Mix Alcohol

Mixing drinks, especially from strangers, is never a smart move. This tip is one of the most important ones for parties.

For example, combining any hard liquor and beer will get you drunk much faster. It will also cause an intense hangover with strong headaches. Mixing drinks can also lead to your making questionable decisions. You may lose track of how intoxicated you actually are. All in all, it’s unsafe and quite unhealthy. So stick to only one kind of drink for the duration of the event.

If you prefer cocktails, choose the ones with the same alcohol type (i.e., rum or vodka). Additionally, try to stay away from mixing energy drinks with alcohol. They are incredibly unsafe because they can elevate your heart rate and even cause seizures.

Participate in Drinking Games

Any booze-related game is simply a must for your first party. It will make you connect with strangers much quicker. If you manage to get through it, the other participants will be impressed. But likely the best part is that you’ll get to meet some new people. Various games like flip cup, beer pong, or straight face will accelerate any conversation. They’ll just make it easier for you to blend in socially and have the time of your life.

However, be aware of your limits and don’t push them. Be on alert, and only choose the games you know you can handle.

Be Responsible

College parties are all about enjoying yourself and having fun. You can chat with people, hook up with strangers, and even earn some credibility in your fraternity. They are a lot different compared to high-school parties.

Yet, you should be aware of some of the risks, especially if it’s your first party. If you’re a total newbie to college party life, you may not know how to behave. Your first party may seem overwhelming, and you could overdo it with the drinks. Plus, you could find yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. Sure, you will have to put some effort into impressing strangers and making new connections. However, steer clear of those who are trying to offer you suspicious drinks. Don’t try any harmful substances in an attempt to look cool and impress your frat bros. Finally, try not to leave the party with a total stranger because you never know what could happen.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our college party tips! If you follow them, you’ll have a fun, comfortable, and safe night out. So drink up and get ready to party!