Nov 22

Flyers Win Third Straight Behind Mason, Snider Pissed G Was Left Off Team Canada

38 saves from Steve Mason and another impressive win by the Flyers:

 Full highlights here

“It’s a farce. He’s [Claude Giroux] one of the best players in the league. It’s ridiculous. He’s better than the guys on that team [Canada]. Anybody that thinks that Claude Giroux doesn’t belong on the Canadian team, they don’t know anything about hockey as far as I’m concerned. But you know, it’s politics to a certain degree. It’s, you know, he [Steve Yzerman] had to pick his own guy and his own guy is good, but Claude is better. ” – Ed Snider


Eddie Snids coming in HOT! Love it.



Jul 27

Behind the Scenes With the Guy Who Had No Idea He Was in a Bud Light SB Commercial, After the Commercial

First, the full commercial, which was spectacular:

That was actually sick. Amazing work by Bud Light. Best choice of the whole commercial though was Minka Kelly and it’s not even close. Seriously, no idea why she isn’t more famous than she is. She needs to be in more things. So hot it’s scary.

She might be my number one. Yeah, I think she’s my number one. She just overtook Jessica Alba, who’s been my number one for years. Wow. Huge moment in my life, but that just happened.

Mar 02

Penn State Wins Fourth Straight Wrestling Title Like It Ain’t No Thang

The sun came up this morning and Penn State won another wrestling championship. It’s almost too easy at this point, I guess. I don’t know anything about wrestling or the Penn State wrestlers, except that they’re very good and they keep winning championships.

Ps. I feel like Penn State wins the championship in every sport, every year, except in the sports that we actually watch.

Oct 12

I Want Dayton’s President In My Fox Hole

The President is my hero:

More Pictures

Oct 07

Richie and Carts In Town Tonight!



Miss those party animals. That’s them on the Entourage movie set. Tonight they’re in Philly to play the scorching hot Flyers, the first time the two are back together.

Ps. Admittedly, I hated the Carters and Richards trades. Seems like a couple of nice deals now. JVR on the other hand…

Pps. I feel like the Flyers can’t lose. Their en fuego. Going for 6th straight tonight.

Aug 21

Winless For Wiggins?

wiggs2 wiggs

That was literally me watching that game yesterday. Tears down my face. 4 points bro? 6 shots? Disappointed.

Feb 09

Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Well your Monday just got a lot better, huh? I know what you’re thinking: “Who the hell is Fire Andy Guy?” Well let me tell you a little bit about myself. What I lack in looks I make up for with sexual prowess. For all the ladies reading: the key to my heart is seasons 1 and 2 of Laguna Beach on blue-ray/dvd combo. I’m an athletic freak of nature (I can dunk on like a 8/8.5 foot basketball net, no big deal). If there’s a new Lifetime movie on TV, I will watch it. Also if you think somethings I say are my “opinion” you’re just wrong. My opinion is a science.

However, as we all know nobody is perfect. I too have my short comings. I cried when James Gandolfini died. I have wiped my ass with a Five guys Receipt and I have been the victim of a catfish scandal on Tinder. Hell, I thoroughly enjoy that show “Wizard’s of Waverly Place” (that wasn’t easy to admit).

So there you have it. I put it all on the line. Things are about to get interesting…

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